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In Newtopia, inflation runs at 15%. A home entertainment unit currently sells for $2000

A)How much would you expect it to cost in a year`s time?

B) How much would you expect it to cost in two years time?

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    A) Sam jogs 6 laps around a circular running track which has a radius of 30 metres. How far does she jog in total?

    B) Tom and Jerry decide to find the perimeter of their garden. Tom measures the length as 5.2 metres while Jerry measures the width as 370cm. What is the perimeter?

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    Chris wants to put a concrete path and a fence around his rectangular garden. The concrete path will be 1 meter wide and the fence will go around the edge of the path. The garden itself measures 5meter by 8 meters.
    A) calculate the perimeter of thr fence.
    B)Calculate the area of the concrete path.
    C) If the thickness of the concrete path is 60mm, calculate the volume of the concrete needed.
    PLEASE HELP !!! :)

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    A farmer needs to spread fertiliser over a paddock measuring 40m by 80m. The instructions on the fertiliser bag say to use 80grams per square meter. How many kilograms of fertiliser will be needed?

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