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Here are some more sentences I'm still doubtful about. Thank you very much!

1)Industry dealers, who had settle school lessons dedicated to workers' sons, didn't follow the law.
2) (Correction: Factory owners, who were forced by law to teach their apprentices, often ignored/failed their duty).
3) Sporting achievements were considered more important than scholarly ones.
4) Education was founded (better: based on) on utilitarian values, such as hard work and physical and sporting endeavour.
5) Romanticism focused on a new sensibility, which comprised elements of introspection, nostalgia and individualism.
6) Nature ceased to be considered as an abstract entity but as a real living force.
7) Queen Victoria reigned/ruled England for over half a century. During the Victorian Age the British Empire thrived/flourished (enjoyed the period of most prosperity?).
8)Philanthropy addressed itself (was addressed?) to all kind of poverty. Victorian values were applicable to all strata of society.

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    1. had settled

    8. not was addressed, but addressed all kinds


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    Water stored in spaces and cracks of underground rock is called???

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