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I still have some more sentences to check. I hope you can help me. By the way, do you know of any sites with fill-in-the-blank activities on computer terminology?

1) The role of women was that of educating the children.
2) Under the influence of Rousseau's thought they reacted against society.
The Romantics viewed (the) children as uncorrupted beings.
3)Bitzer is Sissy's exact opposite. Actually, he is described as pale and colourless.
4) Society, man, nature are normally used without definite article.
5) The Romantics were interested in (the) man seen in his solitary state and considered society (not the society) as an evil force.
6) The Victorians promoted the ideal of pride linked to that (the one) of racial superiority.
7) They promoted patriotism under the influence (?) of Dicken's theories.
8) Use appropriate sentence connectors to link your ideas together (?). The natives are treated like raw matter of criminals (???).

  • English -

    2. Don't use "the."

    4. Society, man, and nature are used without the definite article.

    5. Don't use "the" in either place.

    6. Victorians promoted the ideal of pride linked to racial superiority.

    The rest are fine, although I don't understand the meaning of that last sentence!

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