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I need someone to help explain how this math problem works. I am not sure how to convert this fraction below to arrive at 100.8 degress.

7/25 .360 degrees=100.8 degrees

How did this answer of 100.8 degrees come about in this equation?

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    Someone made a mistake in placing the decimal point.

    7/25(.360º) = .1008º

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    Or maybe the problem is , (?)

    7/25 * 360 (no decimal point)
    = 2520/25 = 100.8 degrees

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    Helper is right.
    In many parts of the world, the . is used to mean multiplication, and a , is used to show the decimal point.
    e.g. €4,56 would be 4 Euros and 56 cents.

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    Angle at a point=360 degree. So to convert 7/25 to wil be= 7/25*360= 7*360/25= 2520degree/25=100.8degree

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