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Some solid copper(II) sulfate is dissolved in sufficient water to make 100.0 mL of solution. Enough of a sodium hydroxide solution of concentration 0.1500 mol/L is added just to react with all of the first solution, with none left over. This turns out to be a volume of 47.08 mL. (a)calculate the mass of the solid copper(II) sulfate. (b)calculate the end concentrations of all dissolved ions.

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    Part a is a stoichiometry problem. Just follow the steps at this link.
    Part b.
    The equation is
    CuSO4 + 2NaOH ==> Cu(OH)2 + Na2SO4
    Make an ICE chart. The equilibrium conditions will be moles/L. Don't forget that the final volume is 147.08 mL. Also, the (CU^+2) will be determined from the solubility product of Cu(OH)2.
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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