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Homework Help: algebra 2

Posted by Monica on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 6:46pm.

I have a question about two problems that I am trying to solve for my h.s. trig. class. The first one I believe is correct. the other i am lost.

D(p)= 2000-60p
S(p)=460+94p p is the price in dollars

a) find those values of p for which demand exceeds supply
2000-60P > 460 + 94p
2460 > 154p
$15.97 > p

b) find those value of p for which demand is less than supply
2000-60P < 460 + 94p
2460 < 154p
p > $15.97

Second problem

The yearly Egyptian production of oil O(t) in millions of barrels, t years after 2000 can be approximated by,

O(t)=-40.4t +2159
Using inequality, determine the years for which the production will drop below 1750 million barrels.

This is what I have and know I have set it up wrong.

o(t)=-40.5t + 2159



-40.5t> -409/-40.5

I do not feel good about completing this...think I have it wrong

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