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One of the tenets of the pseudoscience (i.e., "false science") of astrology is that, in some mysterious way, the positions of the planets at the time of a person's birth somehow influence the characteristics of that person. To see if this proposition seems plausible, let us compare the gravitational influence of Mars when it is closest to earth with the gravitational influence of the medical doctor who delivers a baby. For a rough calculation, we shall assume that the doctor is 50.0 cm from the baby (she is likely to be even closer at delivery), has a mass of 75.0 kg, and can be modeled as a uniform sphere.

A. What is the minimum distance between earth and Mars?

B.Calculate the ratio of the gravitational force the doctor exerts on the baby to the gravitational force that Mars exerts on the baby.

C.If there is any influence, which is greater, that of Mars or that of the doctor?

a. Of Mars
B. Of the doctor

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    Isn't this Newtons Law of gravity equation?

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