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Physics II

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A bead with a mass of 0.085 g and a charge of 20 nC is free to slide on a vertical rod. At the base of the rod is a fixed 20 nC charge.
In equilibrium, at what height above the fixed charge does the bead rest?

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    Let the charge separation be x. The elecrostatic repulsion force must equal the weight.

    k*(20*10^-9)^2/x^2 = M g

    M = 85*10^-6 kg
    g = 9.8 m/s^2
    k is the Coulomb constant. (You may need to look it up. If you are studying elctricity, your text will say what the value is.)

    Solve for x

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    Thank you so much!!!! you're a lifesaver!

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