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How did the Renaissance contribute to the Age of Exploration?

by emphasizing the importance of converting people to Christianity
by awakening a spirit of discovery and innovation in Europe
by fostering a belief in the importance of working as a group
by persuading Europeans that the pursuit of wealth was all-important

I think its D

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    That's partly true, but there's a better reason in there.

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    Renaissance contributed to the age of exploration by re-opening new trade routes in which increased the demand for foreign goods in europe. Sailor were willing to explore new lands not only to colonize but also for the wealth that awaited them. Also if they could find a direct source of a spice or gold or any other foreign good then they could get it much cheaper than what it was even after it left the country of its origin because it was passed from 1 merchant to another and by the time it got to the port of all foreign goods and the city of the biggest italian monopoly at the time, Venice, the price would have already increased 200x more than its original price. Hope this helps you Tom!! - CJ :)

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