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Posted by Mike on Monday, February 21, 2011 at 2:20pm.

I really hope you can have a look at my sentences. I forgot to include these last ones.

1)Describe the details of Winston Smith's life as they appear in the opening (?) to George Orwell's 1984?
2) Why can Orwell's 1984 be considered as an anti-utopian novel?
3) Through the shut window pane of his one-room apartment he can see a colourless place lit up by the posters which are plastered everywhere.
4) On the opposite house-front he can see the poster of a black-moustached man looking down at (over?) the captions “Big Brother is watching you”. Big brother, portrayed as a man with a black moustache, is the face of the Party.
5) In his apartment there is a telescreen, through which the Party monitors the actions of each citizen and catches potential criminals who could endanger the sanctity of the party.
6) Go over George Orwell's life focusing your attention on those episodes which strengthened his indifference to accepted values and strong-mindness. (?)

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