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World Geography

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Which statements describe the European Union (EU)?

1) Citizens of EU nations can live, work, or study in any member nation.
2) Passports must be presented by citizens when traveling between EU nations.
3) Tariffs between member nations were ended in 1968.
4) The common currency of the EU is the Euro.
5) Thirty nations belong to the EU.
6) To belong to the EU, member nations must give up some of their sovereignty.

can someone help me, please? It is multiple select, but i cant find anything about it in my lesson.

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    You can find most of the ansqwers here:

    There are currently 27 member coutries, not 30. Not all of them use the Euro.

    I believe the other statements to be true, but had better do your own research or wait for another teacher to respond.

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    The following are true statements: 1, 3, 6.

    As drwls said, not all EU members use the Euro -- although most of them do.

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    I should have realized that 2) is wrong. You do not have to present passports when going from one EU country to another, but you do if you are entering from outside the EU, or arriving at an international airport.

    Many, if not most, internal EU borders no longer have guards.

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    Okay. thank you, to both of you. :)

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