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for our lab, we are given the molarity of ClO-. We are then supposed to use beer's law to determine the molarity of the dye that was used to make the solution with. For the dye, use the first absorbance value, Ao, and calculate the initial concentration of the dye using Beer’s Law: A = abc, which can be rearranged to give [Dye] = Ao/ab with b = 1 cm and a= absorptivity = 0.164 L/mg-cm@630 nm. The first absorbance value reached was at 0 time and was 0.339. How should I set this up and what should I look for to make sure my answer isn't erroneous?

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    Just plug in the numbers.
    b = 1
    Ao = 0.339
    a = 0.164
    Solve for (dye) = ?? which will be in what unit? (mg/L??)

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