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‎1. A 3kg body moving towards the east with a speed of 5 m/s collides with a 2kg ball originally at rest. After the collision the 3kg body moves in a direction of 25 degrees N of E. If the collision is perfectly elastic Find: a) the magnitude and direction of the velocities of the ball and body after the collision. b) total momentum before and after collsion. c) change in momentum of the ball to the body. d) change in impulse of the ball and the body during collision. The Force of impact of the ball to the body if it collide head on for about 1 min. e) is there any energy lost during the collision.

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    The collision you described should not take one minute. There should be contact for less than a second, a few pressure wave transuit times across the bodies. It should not be head-on since the two bodies move sideways (however, nonspherical body shapes can cause this to happen). There should be no energy lost since they have said the collision is elastic.

    Having said that, what you have to do is apply laws of conservation of momentum AND energy to answer the remaining questions.

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    thank you!! :D

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