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Find the total surface area if q solid cube of volume 98 cm cube.

An open water tank with length 20 cm and width 15 cm holds 4.8 liters of water. Calculate the height of the water level in tank and the total sitface area of the cuboid in contact with water.

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    4.8 litres = 4.8*1000 cm³=4800 cm³

    Volume = width*length*height,
    =4800 cm³/(15 cm * 20 cm)
    =16 cm

    Total side surface area
    = sum of area of 4 vertical faces
    = 2(height*length+height*width)
    = 2(16cm*15cm+16cm*20cm)
    = 2(240+320)
    = 1120 cm²

    For the cube, it is not clear to me if the volume is 98 cm³ or (98cm)³.

    In any case, if
    side, s = ∛V
    total surface area = 6*s²

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