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You have a circuit with a 4 uF capacitor connected in series to 2 capacitors connected in parallel (2 uF and 1.5 uF). The battery is 12 V.

The first question asked what the circuit's equivalence capacitance was. I calculated it to be 1.9 uF, which is correct.

The next question asked how much charge flows through the battery as the capacitors are being charged.
I went q=cdeltaV=1.9 x 12= 23uC
which is incorrect. What is the correct answer and how do you get to it?

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    Well, the equivalent capacitance is found, so C=q/V or q= CV. You did it correctly, however, I would have carried it to more places, giving 22.4microC

    I see nothing wrong with your approach.

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