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.361 g of a non-volatile solute is dissolved in 160.0 g of water. The solute does not react with water nor dissociate in solution. Assume that the resulting solution displays ideal Raoult's law behaviour. At 90 oC the vapour pressure of the solution is 5.1701×102 torr. (The vapour pressure of pure water at 90 oC is 5.2580×102 torr.) Calculate the molar mass of the solute (in g).

I keep getting 541.1g/mol. what am I doing wrong? Help me please

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    Now suppose, instead, that the solute in problem 6 is volatile and that the pure solute displays, at 90 oC, a vapour pressure of 52.580 torr. Calculate the molar mass (in g) for this case.

    This is the second part to this question

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    Please do not switch names -- especially on the same post!!!!!

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