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three more questions:

1) A 1.50kg projectile is launched at 18.0m/s from level ground. The launch angle is 26 degrees above the horizontal. (Assume negligible friction)

a) What is the maximum height reached by this projectile?
b) How was will the projectile be travelling when it is at its maximum height?

2) A projectile is launched over level ground at 85 m/s, 25 degrees above the horizontal. Air resistance may be ignored. Calculate the range (horizontal distance) of the projectile.

3) Student B is on a balcony 17m above the street where Studen A is standing. Student B tosses a ball straight up at 21.7m/s.

a) How long will student A, at street level, have to wait until the ball reaches him?

b) How fast will it be going?

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