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Posted by Mike on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 5:11pm.

Can you please check these questions on the slave trade I have to prepare for tomorrow? Thank you very much.

1) What did farmers in the South of the United States usually grow? Sugar and cotton
2) Who were African slaves sold to? To white farmers.
What did the farmers need slaves for? They needed slaves to do the hard work in the fields.
What did the slaves have to do in return for food, clothes and houses?
3) What happened to slaves who ran away? They were brought back to their owners, then beaten and sometimes even
killed. Who was Net Turner? He was the leader of an anti-slavery protest movement in Virginia, who was killed by whites.
4) Which country was born in Africa in 1822? Liberia, a country for people who were once slaves but now free.
5) What did the Declaration of Independence of 1776 state? That all men and women, black or white, are equal in God's eyes.
6)When did Britain end the buying and selling of slaves? In 1807.
Why did the North and the South go to war?
7) Because the Southern states wanted to keep their slaves.They didn't agree with equal rights for blacks.8)Who won and when did slavery end? The North won and slavery ended in 1865.However, blacks couldn't go to white schools, restaurants or shops and there were very few schools for blacks.
9)What kind of organization was the Ku Klux Klan? It was a secret organization, which wanted to frighten black and stop them from voting in elections.
10) When did America enter the Second World War and how were black soldiers treated? Though they fought bravely for their country they were not treated as well as whites.

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