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Posted by Chris on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 5:10pm.

A sample containing 0.0500mol of Fe2(SO4)3 is dissolved in enough water to make 1.00L of solution. This solution contains hydrated SO4 2- and Fe(H2O)6 3+ ions. The latter behaves as an acid:
Fe(H2O)6 3+ --> Fe(H2O)5OH 2+ + H+

a) Calculate the expected osmotic pressure of this solution at 25ºC if the above dissociation is neglibile.
b) The actual osmotic pressure of the solution is 6.73 atm at 25ºC. Calculate Ka for the dissociation reaction of Fe(H2O)6 3+.

Thanks in advance!

Formulas to consider:
Osmotic pressure = MRT
R = 0.08206 --> constant
T = 298 K

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