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I was given an assignment to write a one paragraph essay.
I need you to pls help me with my essay on "the sniper" by liam o'flaherty.
you can tell me where i went wrong and anyother thing.
This is my essay so far:

War knows no boundaries(age, sex, location etc.). In the short story "The sniper" by Liam O'flaherty which establishes a theme of innocence to experience by the use of a Republican sniper and also establishes the realities of war. The character is seen as an evil person but his physical description emphasizes the feelings of innocence. "His face was the face of a student, thin and ascetic, but his eyes had the cold gleam of the fanatic". This quote tells us that the character could play two roles. When you look at his face, he looks young and does not look like a sniper, on the other side he is a sniper that kills people. His face look innocent but he is very experienced. "Then taking out his field dressing, he ripped open the packet with his knife. He broke the neck of the iodine bottle and let the bitter fluid drip into the wound. He placed the cotton wadding over the wound and wrapped the dressing over it. He tied the end with his teeth". This quote gives us an evidence of what the Republican sniper did after he was shot in his arm. The theme establishes the realities of war, showing us that war could led to anything e.g. death, sorrow or depression etc especially when you are more excited about it. "He was eating a sandwich hungrily. He had eaten nothing since morning. He had been to excited to eat". The quote tells us that the sniper was very excited to kill people that he even killed a woman who informed the enemy sniper, where the Republican sniper is. He fired another shot to kill the man, he was scared and was curoius to identify the man" enemy sniper" that he had killed." The cloud of fear scattered from his mind and he laughed". This qoute tells us that he was scared and was wondering if he had killed his own company. He took the risk to turn over the dead body and found out that it was his own brother.

Pls can you tell me what i could write as the conclusion because am stuck. Pls help me. .

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    #1. You need to NOT use the same phrasing after each quotation. Right now you have "This quote gives..." and "This quote tells..." etc. First of all, the word is "quotation" - a noun. The word "quote" is a verb.

    #2. For a conclusion, you should write what his reaction was when he discovered his own brother. Did his reaction fit into the innocent-looking-but-not-really-innocent angle to his personality?

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    not "his face look" but "his face looks"

    sequence = informed......where is = informed......where was

    aoute = speling = quote


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