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physics lab

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A bullet is shot into a block of plastic. The bullet penetrates the block 0.75 m. The mass of the bullet is 8 g. It is traveling with a speed of 410 m/s before it hits the block.

A Use kinematic equations to find the magnitude of the acceleration on the bullet as it is penetrating the block (ignore gravity, and assume that the force on the bullet as it penetrates the block is constant).

B Use Newton's 2nd Law to find the magnitude of the force exerted on the bullet by the plastic block.

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    Just switch my numbers with yours. Same problem different values

    V2x= V2ox + 2axX
    0=3752 + 2a(0.55)
    a=127840.9091 m/s^2

    F=.010kg x 127840.9091=1278.409091 N

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    a 0.03 kg alumimum bullet traveling at 494 m/s strikes an armor plate and comes to a stop. if all its energy is converted to heat that is absorbed by the bullet, what is the bullets's temperature change in degrees

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