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Posted by Mike on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 1:46pm.

I still have a few doubts about Macbeth's plot.I hope you can have a look at them.

1) Lady Macbeth gives the king’s guards a lot to drink and in the middle of the night Macbeth kills Duncan with the knife of one of the soldiers.
2)The next morning the murder is discovered and the blame is put the king’s servants who slept outside the room.
3)Everyone begins to think that the king’s sons had paid the two soldiers to kill Duncan because they wanted the throne for themselves. The King’s sons leave the castle secretly fearing for their life.
4) Macbeth doesn’t feel safe because he is obsessed with the witches’ prophecy by (or to?) Banquo.
5)He is worried that Banquo’s son will take his place. He decides to have Banquo and his son killed. Banquo’s son, Fleance, manages to escape and Banquo’s ghost begins to haunt him.
6) In the fourth act the three witches tell him to be careful (to beware) of Macduff .
7) They also tell him that no man born of woman can hurt him and that he cannot be defeated (he will be safe) as long as Birnam Wood does not move (until B W moves) to Dunsinane Hill to fight against him.
8) The fifth act opens with the sight of Lady Macbeth’s madness. She walks in her sleep, trying to wash away Duncan’s blood from her hands.

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