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Posted by nikki on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 1:32pm.

can you please tell me if these are right and if not could you please help?
Like autobiographies, diaries are usually written
in the privacy of one’s room.
in the decades after one has important experiences.
in the second-person point of view.
-in the first-person point of view.

What about Anne's situation almost immediately endears her to readers? (Points : 3)
Anne is a young girl without a care in the world.

Anne and her family are wealthy and powerful members of Holland's upper class.

Anne is suffering from a dangerous disease that makes readers feel sorry for her.

-Anne and her family are Jews forced into hiding to avoid persecution at the hands of the Nazis.

Which phrase best characterizes Otto Frank? (Points : 3)
distant, unfriendly, and unfeeling
agreeable, open-hearted, and warm
passive, withdrawn, and naïve
- noisy, irritating, and brash

Mr. Dussel and Mrs. Van Daan seem to be the least sympathetic people in the Annexe because (Points : 3)
both are noisy and in the way.
-both often clash with Anne, who records these conflicts in her diary.
both steal food, which is already in scarce supply.
both are sympathetic to the Nazi

When Anne refers to Mr. Dussel as "His Lordship," she is being (Points : 3)
- witty.

How is Edith Frank different from her husband in Anne's eyes? (Points : 3)
- Edith is more caring and generous than her husband.

Edith is not as religious as her husband.

Edith is more cold and crude than her husband.

Edith is lazier and less helpful than her husband.

As readers read the diary, they become aware that Anne (Points : 3)
uses optimism as a weapon against the desperateness of her circumstances.
wants nothing more than to be a librarian.
has an unrealistic view of the world political situation.
-strives to become polished and mature like her sister.

Which of the following best describes how Anne uses language to convey her thoughts about nature? (Points : 3)
Anne's short, choppy language captures her fear of the natural world.
- Anne's consistently upbeat language mirrors her love of nature.
Anne's sarcastic, cynical language reflects the bitterness she feels about being forced to stay indoors.
Anne's language when writing about nature is no different than her language when writing about Mrs. Van Daan.

How does Peter Van Daan change in Anne's eyes as time passes in the Annexe? (Points : 3)
Peter becomes more distant and strange in Anne's view.

- Peter begins to open up to Anne, and he becomes pleasant and attractive to Anne.

Peter's meanness becomes apparent, and Anne dislikes him.

Peter takes the place of Otto as the person whom Anne most admires.

Often in the diary, Anne connects nature to all of the following except (Points : 3)
her family.
- contentment.

Which of the following best describes the mood Anne creates with such passages as this one:

Although I'm only fourteen, I know quite well what I want, I know who is right and who is wrong, I have my opinions, my own ideas and principles, and although it may sound pretty mad from an adolescent, I feel more of a person than a child, I feel quite independent of anyone.
(Points : 3)
- indignant




The conflict between Anne and her mother is resolved when (Points : 3)
Anne and her mother become best friends over the course of the diary.
Anne recognizes her poor treatment of her mother and resolves to stop fighting with her.
- each apologizes to the other and vows to renew the relationship.
Anne and Edith continue to fight till the day their hiding place is betrayed.

All of the following are defining traits of Anne's personality except (Points : 3)
her optimistic spirit.
her self-reliance.
- her fearful nature.
her sense of humor.

Anne's diary was published because (Points : 3)
a burglar stole the diary after breaking into the Annexe while Anne was hiding there.
- Miep found the diary and returned it to Otto after the war, and Otto published it.
German soldiers who raided the Annexe saved the papers and printed them.
Anne sent them to a Dutch publisher before she and the others were arrested.

Anne Frank’s diary demonstrates (Points : 3)
the tragedy of the Holocaust.

the remarkable evolution of one young girl.

the strength of its author.

-all of the above.
- means answer. Hurry only have 40 minutes left. please

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