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Spanish-6th grade-Please check my answers

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Could you please check these I think they're correct but I'm not sure.

1.How old am I?
Tengo once años.
2.How old is your father?
Mi padre tiene cuarenta y seis.
3.Do I have siblings?
Sí,tengo dos hermanos.
4.Son mayores or menores?
Son mayores.
5.Are you older or younger than your friend.
Tengo menor que mi amigo.
6.How old is your grandfather?
Mi abuelo tiene noventa y cinco años.
7.What is the date of your birthday?
Mi cumpleaños es el veinte y uno de agosto.

  • Spanish-6th grade-Please check my answers -

    You have not said what you are doing. Are you to translate the question into Spanish or are you to look at the English question and answer that in Spanish. Since it looks like the latter, I'll correct that.

    1. ok
    2. Mi padre tiene cuarenta y seis años.
    3. ok
    4. ok
    5. Soy menor que mi amigo. (I am younger than my friend)
    6. ok
    7. Mi cumpleaños es el veintiuno de agosto. (the new style of writing numbers es veintiuno, veintiún, veintiuna and no longer veinte y uno, etc.)


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