March 26, 2017

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A hot-air balloon is rising vertically at a speed of 10 m s–1. An object is released from the balloon. The graph shows how the velocity of the object varies with time from when it leaves the balloon to when it reaches the ground four seconds later. It is assumed that the air resistance is negligible. (Diagram II)
Hence determine the object’s final displacement from its point of release from the balloon.
(c) Using the axes below, sketch a graph showing how the acceleration of the object changes during the time from when it leaves the balloon to when it hits the ground.
Mark any significant values on the axes. (Diagram III)
(a) Use the graph to:
(i) Show that the object continues to rise for a further 5 m after it is released.

(ii) Determine the total distance travelled by the object from when it is released from the balloon to when it reaches the ground.

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    The answer is really complicated, maybe 0 but Im not sure.

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