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a typical cell in the body makes about 10 million molecules of atp per second. show that the cell breaks down about 263,258 molecules of glucose per second.

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    Without going into too much detail about cellular respiration and all that drama, the main effect of glycolysis, the tri-carboxycilic acid cycle and oxidative phosphorylation is that for one glucose molecule, 38 molecules of ATP are produced.

    It's simple to just divide 10,000,000 by 38 and you'd get roughly the 263,258 that is mentioned. The actual number would be just less than 10,000,000 ATP per 263,258 but it's close enough.

    For a better understanding it might be better to just review the cellular respiration briefly. Or you can just know that 38 ATP are produced. Your choice. Too many things I've long since forgotten, to be honest.

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