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what is the total area of the four walls of a rectangular room 4 meters long by 5.5 meters wide by 3 meters high?

is it 4 times 5.5? then times four since there are 4 walls? 88m squared?

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    your data does not make a lot of sense
    If the four walls are each 4 m long, where does the 5.5 m wide come in?

    The way I interpret the question is that one pair of opposite walls are 4 m wide and the other pair of opposite walls are 5.5 m wide
    so you would have
    2(4x3) + 2(5.5x3) = 24 + 33 = 57 m^2

    In your calculation you have completely ignored the fact that the room is 3 m high.

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    thanks. i was a bit confused of why there were 3 numbers that is why i ignored the 3m part.. Thanks! :D

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    Was that the way the question was worded in the textbook ???

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    yes it was. it also said ignore all doors and windows..

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