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Organic Chemistry

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A compound whose solubility in ethanol is 4.24g/100ml at 78c and .3 g/100ml at 0c is recrystalize by heating it at 78 and then cooling it to 0c. If we are to recrystalize a .5g of this compound in a 10ml of solvent, what is the maximum possible % recovery?

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    I think i solve my own question, not sure if I am correct, someone please verify it for me.

    Since 4.24g/100ml then .424g/10ml, thus 0.5-.424g (dissociated)=.076g (lost during heating).

    0.3g/100ml is 0.03g/10ml at 0c during cooling
    Then 0.424g-0.03g=0.394g thus, this is the remainding compound.

    And %Recovery=0.394/0.5g*100=78.8%

    Can someone confirm that I got this correct?

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