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Megan factored the expression (-12x^2+52x-35) as (-2x+5)(6x-7) but when Jacob applied FOIL principle and multiplied out (2x+5)(6x-7) he got (-12x^2+44x-35),thus megan's solution does not appear to check please help megan to understand better.Explain your reasoning and correctly factor the original expression if possible If the expression is a prime please state so

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    First of all I changed it into
    - (12x^2 - 52x + 35)

    After 4 tries I had
    - (2x-7)(6x-5) or (7-2x)(6x-5) or (2x-7)(5-6x)

    (I use a method where I list the factors of the first and last numbers, and then take sum or differences of cross-products

    3 2 1 ....... 5 7
    4 6 12 ...... 7 5

    2x5 + 6x7 = 52, my middle term

    This is the fastest way to factor trinomials, too bad nobody seems to teach this method any more.

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    I came up with -(6x-5)(2x-7)

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    that was my first answer I gave you.

    surely you realize that

    -(6x-5)(2x-7) = - (2x-7)(6x-5)

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