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Chemistry - Lewis Structures (check + help)

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I am asked to draw lewis strcutures of the following molecules and ions
SF6, BrF5, XeF4, PF5 and IF4-.
I have to follow a specific format to draw them, below is an example of SF6, where am i going wrong in the table, since i am not getting six bonds, nor am i successful with the others. Are they an exception to the octet rule and cannot calculate them that way?

Valence Electrons 6e- + 42e- = 48e-
Noble gas Config 8e- + 48e- = 56e-
Total 56e- - 48e- = 8e-
Covalent bonds 8e-/2 = 4
Non-Bonding Pairs 48e- - 8e- = 40e-

Help please!

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