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hi to all teachers kindly please help me to solve this word problems thanks and god bless u always.question is below.i need for my homeworkpls.

q.Saltly has a piece of cloth. She used 1/3 of the cloth to make a pillow cover and another 4/7 of the cloth to make a tablecloth.
a. What fraction of the cloth was used altogether for the pillow cover and tablecloth?

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    Edwin, Oscar or Maria -- please do not switch screen names.

    We've showed you how to add fractions and find a common denominator. Now, it's your turn. How do YOU think this problem can be solved?

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    find the common denominator,then add the fractions!The common denominator can be 21 because 1/3 times 7=7/21 and 4/7 times 3=12/21.So,7/21+12/21=19/21!That is the answer.

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