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A ball of mass m = 0.75 kg is thrown straight upward with an initial speed of 8.9 m/s. Plot the gravitational potential energy of the block from its launch height, y = 0, to the height y = 5.0 m. Let U = 0 correspond to y = 0. Determine the turning point (maximum height) of this mass.

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    GPE= m*g*height

    looks like a straight line to me.

    The key here, and you were not asked to do it, is plot also the kinetic energy on the same graph.

    KE=1/2 m v^2=1/2 m (vi^2-2*9.8h)

    the sum of GPE and KE should be constant on the graph as in

    mgh+1/2 m (vi^2-19.6h)=
    mgh+1/2 m*2gh+1/2 mvi^2=
    1/2 mvi^2 amazing, a constant.

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    If a baseball is thrown 30 m/s backwards from a truck moving 50 m/s, how fast will the ball strike the glove of a ground-based catcher

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    30 m/s - 50 m/s= -20m/s

    the backwards represents subtraction. so simply subtract 30 - 50 = -20

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