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When N2O5 (g) is heated it dissociates into N2O3 (g) and O2 (g) according to the following reaction: N2O5 (g) <--> N2O3 (g) + O2 (g) Kc=7.75 at a given temperature. The N2O3 (g) dissociates to give N2O (g) and O2 (g) according the following reaction: N2O3 (g) <--> N2O (g) + O2 (g) Kc= 4.00 at the same temperature. When 4.00 mol of N2O5 (g) is heated in a 1.00-L reaction vessel to this temperature, the concentration of O2 (g) at equilibrium is 4.50 mol/L.
a) Find the concentration of N2O5 in the equilibrium system.
b) Find the concentration of N2O in the equilibrium system.
c) Find the concentration of N2O3 in the equilibrium system.

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