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Business-3rd time posting

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I posted this 2 times already, and this is my third time posting.

For each of examples identify financial decision you have made or might have to make in the future. In the last column, tell what effect this decision may have on ur personal resources. (Personal resources include things such as money, time and health.)

Financial decision - buy fuel, tire changes, oil changes

Effect on Personal Resources -
Health - Cause pollution
Time - Takes you shorter time to reach to your destination then having to walk there.
Money - Insurance for car
General revenue

Financial Decision - Groceries
Use of Credit Cards,

Effect on Personal Resources -
Health - provide you with nutrition
-Large supply of vitamins
Money - Taxes to cover
Time - Spent shopping

Financial Decision - Paying for ticket
Renting movies
Services to handle

Effect on Personal Resources -
Health - short term pleasure
Late night entertainment result in loss of sleep
Money - Cost to the ticket and popcorn
Time - Wasted

Financial Decision - Go to school
Internet(Online courses)
Electronic devices such as electronic dictionary,
calculator, etc.

Effect on Personal Resources -
Money -Pay fees for school supplies, etc.
Cost for degree programs
Feel very weary
Time - Most of spent with friends, not family

Financial Decision -
Nail manicure
Products = Facial cleansers, cream, etc.

Effect on Personal Resources -
Health - Makes you feel good about yourself (Feel like you belong)
Money - There's a cost to it, pretty expensive
Time - Don't have enough time to spare to do other things.

Financial Decision -
Real Estate
Clean facility

Effect on Personal Resources -
Money - Bills
Health -No poverty
-Good care
Time - Most of it spended inside, not outdoors. Most of it spent on cleaning furniture, etc, doing house chores.

Anything else I could add in each of the columns?

  • Business-3rd time posting - ,

    I haven't responded because I don't know effect this decision may have on YOUR personal resources. In addition, your Transportation category is unclear. You apparently mean a car -- but you didn't mention that word.

  • Business-3rd time posting - ,

    Think of other forms of transportation as well. Airplanes, trains, etc.

    Shelter: renting vs. buying

    Just a few things off the top of my head

  • Business-3rd time posting - ,

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