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5th Grade Math

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There are about 3,400 species of frogs and toads, and scientists tell us that they represent 90% of the amphibians in the world. Using this information, what is total number of amphibians scientists believe are in the world. (Round your answer to the nearest 100.)

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    3400/90% = 3777

    round to nearest 100 so answer is:

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    The nearest hundred would actually be 3800. But the answer is completely wrong.

    3400 x .9 = 3060.
    Nearest hundred is 3100.

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    thanks for the correction the answer is 3800 otherwise that makes no sense. the question is asking for how many amphibians there are in the world and the 3400 represents 90% of all amphibians in the world. The answer can not be less then 3400 since that's not even logical.

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