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Homework Help: Immigrant Experience

Posted by Sara on Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 9:00pm.

Im doing this activity which is called township in upper canada, and we each got a person whom we have to shift in their new lot. So basically Im imagining that I am that person and that Ive got my lot. My location ticket says that my concession is 12 and lot is 8, so the area that Im staying in I can see is flat and desertlike. There is no lake nearby, but there is a river 2 lots away from mine. And I have access to a road so if I need water, I can go on travel on the road and collect water from the river. The area Im staying in looks plain, empty, clear, clean, view would be nice. I don't know how the soil would be like?

This is the person I am being:

Allan Maclean - 30 years old
Country of origin - Scotland
Family - Wife 25yrs, 1 daughter 8yrs, 2 sons 7yrs, 5yrs.
Education - literate, grain merchant
Wealth - $500
Religion - Presbyterian
Month of lot purchase - April
Equipment/Supplies - 3 50lb sacks of grain, fully stocked tool kit, 1 box of nails, 1 bag of seeds
Location ticket - Concession 12 Lot 8.

Is your land flad? hills? covered trees? rocks? how is the soil like?
Is the soil good frow growing crops? Are their drainage like animals in your area? Is there fresh water for drinking? Is there a river nearby? Beneficial?

What are your plans for the first three months?

What are your plans for the next two years?
-(duties required to do by law before you get deed to your land)
(how you plan to survive through first winter, what you will do if someone in your family is injured or becomes sick, If you're going to grow a crop, how will you harvest it? How do you plan to meet others? How are you planning to meet others in your area? Or does the isolation not bother you?

-Do you feel it is important to co operate with others?
-Do you feel a school should be built nearby?
A church in your area? If so who will build it and how?
-Is transportation a problem? What about roads? waterways? You feel you should be involved in building them?
How do you "pay for" the goods and services you need and use?
What ways are there for making money?

Make plans for the next 5 years.
-How do you plan on looking after soil so it does not become depleted?
-What will you do if you need more land?
What industries do you think should be developed in the area? How should this be done?
-Is there a need for a village or town to be built in your area? Where would it best be built?
Would you provide assistance to newcomers? If yes, what kind of assistance? If not then why not?
What problems have you had in keeping roads in good condition?
How have the crown reserves and clergy reserves interfered with your building and maintaining the roads? How has the land-growing system encouraged speculation?

How will area in which you live change over the next 5 years?

My information:
The land is plain, empty, clean, clear, can see river from afar(only 2 lots away)
Desertlike area. Soil would be rich, good for growing crops, can get water from river by accessing the road.
-not harmful in any way, no creatures seem to be around.(safe zone)

My house in northwest, I have created a fence, made a small hut, which I will improve on over time, within the next 5 years ofcourse. Ive got some seeds as well, so Im planning to plant trees, especially fruit trees, vitamins are essential for health.

I will also create a room shack

My plans for first three months would be to try to make money so I can purchase my needs. I would sell off some grain and try to find a job or open up a merchant shop, where I could sell off my grain or bread.
-Also I would improve on my hut

The land is fertile, long enough growing season for food crops, hunting, fishing - To get food.
Hunt deer for their fur
Start planting, making a garden, crops.
-eel fishing (winter)
buggalo - their hide
butchershop - buy meat

Its important to cooperate, that way I could receive help and give a helping hand to others around me. Help my neighbours by supplying them with what they need, and they could do same for me as well.
-Community service would be good, or a meeting where we could all meet eachother and get to know one another.

-School should be built, kids need education, and will be literate. They can volunteer to do things like services and make money as well. They can help with farming.

The road's will probably have lots of liter on them, so I would help clear all that off.


Transportation - Bike, create a cycle, or just go by foot. Maybe wagon?

-provide assistance to newcomers.
-get neighbours to contribute in building school.

Food: Bread, butter , potatoes, mush and milk
*Making candles

-Get a large barn - Farming
-sheds attached to barn
-Farmer's hay and straw and to protect stock during cold and stormy weather.

Trade eggs, butter at general store.

The wife could do a job as well, maybe do quilting.

After the next five years, My hut will be bigger than before, and I think I will be buying wants more than needs.

I need a few more information, could u please give me a good site that shows how the immigrants lived, church, and all?

What is that I need to add, and what have I missed?

Also Im supposed to put this all into a journal or report format. Which one would be easier for me to do? And I don't get how to start a report format?

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