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Can someone check my work?

Read the school rules listed below. In the the blanks write (P)profesor for realistic rules that were most likely written by teachers for their classrooms. Write (E)estudiante for improbable rules that were most likely submitted by students.

P 1.Se prohibe dormir en clase.
P 2.Hay que entregar la tarea a tiempo.
E 3.Se prohibe pedir ayuda.
E 4. Hay que estar en la escuela hasta las once de la noche.
E 5. Se prohibe almorzar en la cafeteria.
P 6. Hay que traer los materiales a clase.
E 7. Se prohibe prestar atencion en clase.
P 8. Se prohibe llevar anteojos de sol en la clase.
I think it can be both but I will guess P 9.Se prohibe usar la computadora para escribir los informes.
P 10. Hay que estar en el asiento cuando la clase empieza.

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    I like them all! True about #8. It could be a rule that is bent if a student has an eye problem and requires sun glasses.


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