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A 1L flask is filled with 1.000atm of H2 and 2.000atm of I2 at 448*C. The following
equilibrium is established: H2(g)+I2(g)=
2HI(g). The value of K for this equilibri-
um is 50.5. What are equilibrium partial
pressures of H2,I2,and HI?

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    Kc = Kp = 50.5
    I would convert to moles since you know P, V, R, and T.

    ............H2 + I2 ==> 2HI
    begin.....0.0169 0.0338..0
    equil....0.0169-x 0.0338-x..2x

    Substitute into K and solve for x and determine equilibrium concns of H2, I2, and HI. Then use PV = nRT to convert ot partial pressures.
    There may be an easier way to do this but this will work.

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