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The Lightning Thief book and movie are different and same in many ways. The book of the Lightning Thief is more interesting and detailed for most people who read the book and watched the movie. The movie sometimes has things that the book doesn’t have and sometimes the book has things that the movie doesn’t have, however, there are some things that are also the same. In the book and the movie of the Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson, son of the Greek god, Poseidon, is on his way to find back Zeus’ stolen lightning bolt, and the thief who stole it. Percy has finally returned the stolen lightning bolt and found who had stole it, it was Luke!
The book has many great details about the characters, events, and other stuff. Most people like the book better because it has great detail and they could use their own imagination instead of others. In the book, Grover, a satyr, had never showed his goat legs because he might not want anyone to know he was a satyr. Annabeth, Percy’s friend, had curly blonde hair in the book of The Lightning Thief. There are many monsters in the book that Percy had fought with, like the Chimera, while he had killed every single solitary monster in the book. Medusa, another monster, never got hit by the truck that Percy had drove, but Medusa still had died. Luke, the guy who stole Zeus’ lightning bolt, had never given Percy Jackson the shield.
The book and the movie were the same in many ways. Percy and Annabeth are friends but sometimes, they tend to fight each other, such as in games. Percy usually heals himself with water since his father is the god of rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, and things like that. Monsters such as Medusa were both defeated in both the book and the movie but sometimes, Percy just makes it worse, such as Scylla, when Percy chops off one head and two more grows back up, meanwhile, they had defeated it. Camp Half-Blood had existed in both the movie and the book, while it was a very safe place for demigods that are usually age twelve since that is when monsters start attacking demigods in the Lightning Thief. In both the book and the movie, they have to go on a search to find out who stole the Lightning bolt and return it to Zeus, or otherwise, bad things are going to happen. They finally found the thief who stole Zeus’ lightning bolt, who was Luke, Hermes’ son.

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    We are NOT your peers. We are highly skilled and experienced professionals.

    Please post this for editing by your peers in a more appropriate forum.

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    i have to do this for 4th gtade

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