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Given the following equation:
2KClO3---> 2KCl+3O2

How many moles of O2 can be produced by letting 12.00 moles of KClO3 react?

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    Here is a worked example. Just follow the steps.

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    Molar Mass of KCLO3 (potassium chlorate)= 39.10+35.45+3(16.00)=122.55

    First use what you are given, then use the mole to mole ratio to cancel out moles KClO3 and multiply keeping mol O2.
    (12.00 moles KClO3)x(3 mol O2/2 mol KClO3) =18 moles O2


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    if you had 12 moles, just use a simple ratio (called a molar ratio):

    12 mol KClO3 * (3 mol O2)/(2 mol KClO3) = 18 mol O2 ... this is your answer!

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