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can you tell me how to solve? please

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    Is 2x6 supposed to be 2 x^6?
    What gets squared at the end? The -3 exponent?

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    Is this your problem?

    4|3 - 2x^6| - 3^2 = ?

    I think you must have copied this wrong.

    This problem, as typed, is not easy to solve.

    I used an online calculator and there are 12 different roots for x (4 real and 10 complex.

    Re-check your problem.

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    no its just how i put it. yes

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    Please refrain from multiple posts. The time for teachers to read multiple posts or to determine if they are multiple posts could very well be used for answering questions.

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    You need to answer drwls questions above so he/she can help you.

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    sorry i didn't know it did that. my commputer was taking a while to load and i clicked a few times before i let it load. sorry agaiin

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    to drwls
    My equation was just how i put it. 2x6 is not supposed to be 2 x^6. its just 2x6.
    And the -3 exponent yes it gets squared at the end.

    what dose these lines mean | | squareroot?

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    Assuming you mean:

    There are two cases,
    a. when 3-2x^6 >0
    => 3-2x^6=9/4
    => 2x^6=3-9/4=3/4
    => x^6=3/8
    => x=±(3/8)^(1/6) (x∈ℝ, i.e. x is real)

    b. when 3-2x^6<0
    => -(3-2x^6)=9/4
    => 2x^6=9/4+3=21/4
    => x^6=21/8
    => x=±(21/8)^(1/6) (x∈ℝ)

    As Helper said, there are 2*4 complex roots which we do not consider in the real domain.

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    If there is no x, then you don't have a variable!

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