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immigrant experience

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Im doing this activity which is called township in upper canada, and we each got a person whom we have to shift in their new lot. So basically Im imagining that I am that person and that Ive got my lot. My location ticket says that my concession is 12 and lot is 8, so the area that Im staying in I can see is flat and desertlike. There is no lake nearby, but there is a river 2 lots away from mine. And I have access to a road so if I need water, I can go on travel on the road and collect water from the river. The area Im staying in looks plain, empty, clear, clean, view would be nice. I don't know how the soil would be like?

This is the person I am being:

Allan Maclean - 30 years old
Country of origin - Scotland
Family - Wife 25yrs, 1 daughter 8yrs, 2 sons 7yrs, 5yrs.
Education - literate, grain merchant
Wealth - $500
Religion - Presbyterian
Month of lot purchase - April
Equipment/Supplies - 3 50lb sacks of grain, fully stocked tool kit, 1 box of nails, 1 bag of seeds
Location ticket - Concession 12 Lot 8.

I don't know how else my land would look like? Also could I say something like "rich soil", Im not sure on how to describe the soil in my lot.

What things could I create with what I have? Could I make a room shack?
I could create fences with wood.

What do you plan to do for the first three months?
-Definitely work on the hut(try to improve it time by time)
-Make clothing

(Also could I go somewhere? Like what other areas would there be around where I live? Shops? Tailors?, etc?)

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    Your land is probably fertile and you have a long enough growing season for some food crops.

    Your first priority would be food. In the first two months, you wouldn't have time to plant and harvest crops. What about hunting and fishing?

    There might be shops nearby, but don't count on it. If you're a grain merchant, who is going to sell you grain? To whom will you sell this grain?

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    This site may be helpful.

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    Okay thanks Ms. Sue:)
    Ill try and finish this up by tomorrow so you can have a look at it:)
    Thanks for site as well:)

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    You're welcome, Sara.

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