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Homework Help: immigrant experience

Posted by Sara on Monday, February 7, 2011 at 7:50pm.

Im doing this activity which is called township in upper canada, and we each got a person whom we have to shift in their new lot. So basically Im imagining that I am that person and that Ive got my lot. My location ticket says that my concession is 12 and lot is 8, so the area that Im staying in I can see is flat and desertlike. There is no lake nearby, but there is a river 2 lots away from mine. And I have access to a road so if I need water, I can go on travel on the road and collect water from the river. The area Im staying in looks plain, empty, clear, clean, view would be nice. I don't know how the soil would be like?

This is the person I am being:

Allan Maclean - 30 years old
Country of origin - Scotland
Family - Wife 25yrs, 1 daughter 8yrs, 2 sons 7yrs, 5yrs.
Education - literate, grain merchant
Wealth - $500
Religion - Presbyterian
Month of lot purchase - April
Equipment/Supplies - 3 50lb sacks of grain, fully stocked tool kit, 1 box of nails, 1 bag of seeds
Location ticket - Concession 12 Lot 8.

I don't know how else my land would look like? Also could I say something like "rich soil", Im not sure on how to describe the soil in my lot.

What things could I create with what I have? Could I make a room shack?
I could create fences with wood.

What do you plan to do for the first three months?
-Definitely work on the hut(try to improve it time by time)
-Make clothing

(Also could I go somewhere? Like what other areas would there be around where I live? Shops? Tailors?, etc?)

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