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3rd grade math

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sara is making birthday cards. she takes 1 hour to make 5 cards. on tuesday, sara made 25 cards. how long did sara spend working on the cards on tuesday?
how do you the explain answer to a 3rd grader

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    You could use 25 file cards (or old greeting cards?) to represent the birthday cards. Ask the child to make stacks with 5 cards in each stack.

    Number each stack with a post-it note. Each stack is labeled 1 hour. The child can then count the hours.

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    5 cards in 1 hour
    25 cards in 5 hours

    5/hour + 5/hour + 5/hour + 5/hour + 5/hour = 25 cards/5 hour

    I'm not sure what a 3rd grader is able to do as far as division or multiplication.

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    ok look in this problem it says 5 cards she makes in a hour so now we how to figure out how many hours did she spent making 25 cards in Tuesday so we start by putting 5 cards=1hryou would have to write
    ........5 cards=1hr it until we get to 25
    ........5 cards=1hr cards then count how
    ........5 cards=1hr many hours did it took
    ........5 cards=1hr
    ........25cards=5hrs (P.S. 25divided by 5 equals 5 or 5 times 5 equals 25 so 5 is the answer) sincerely.. 8th grader

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