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A building contractor is planning to build an apartment complex with one, two or three bedroom apartments. Let x,y,z respectively denote the number of apartments of each type to be built. Suppose that the builder will spend a total of $6,885,000, and that the costs for the three types of apartments are $22,000, $33,000, and $48,000 respectively.

Then the 'cost equation' for the builder is: ?x + ?y + 48 z = ?

Suppose he plans to build a total of 216 apartments, then complete the equation in x, y, and z which describes this: ?x + ?y + z = ? .

Further suppose that the number of one bedroom apartments must equal the total number of bigger apartments. Then we get the restriction: x +(?)y +(?)z = 0.

Finally, find the solution to these equations: x = ? , y = ?, and z = ?

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    Please check your original post for an answer before reposting.

    This question has been answered.

    You were given the equations.

    Now, it is up to you to solve these equations simultaneously.

    If you post your answer I will check for correctness.

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    I haven't posted this before.

    I've been working on this for 2 days and I didn't search the website for this problem again today. Someone else must have posted it.

    I just couldn't figure out the equations.

    Thanks anyway.

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    I am sorry. This exact problem has been posted at least 3 times in two days.

    Here are the equations. These are not easy to solve simultaneously. I used an online calculator for the answer if you need to check your answer.

    25x + 35y +54z = 8277
    x + y +z = 236
    x + -y -z = 0 (in the sentence, it was stated that x=y+z)

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    using the two equations E=hv and c=lambdaV derive an equation expressing e in terms of h,c and lambda

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