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ethanol, C2H5OH, is responsible for the effts of intoxication felt after drinking alcoholic beverages. When ethanol burns in oxygen, carbon dioxide and water are produced. IF you have 256g of ethanol and 100 grams O2, calculate the amount product produced. You need to write out a balance equation first.

C2H5OH + O2-> CO2 + H2O

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    Have you tried to balance the equation?
    That would be a good place to start.

    You will need twice as many CO2's as C2H5OH's. That should be obvious.

    You will need 1/3 as many H2O's as C2H5OH's.

    So start with

    C2H5OH +xO2 -> 2CO2 + 3 H2O

    Now all you need to do is balance the O's to figure out what x is.

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    C2H508+x02_>2C02+3H2=X=23 DUMB***

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    we start with:
    C2H5OH + O2-> CO2 + H2O
    Think of this as our skeleton. It cannot be changed. Then, list how many there are of each element. This would be how it would look like:
    C: 2 C: 1
    H:6 H: 2
    O: 3 O: 3
    Now, always do hydrogen and oxygen last, so we have to do C first. To make the second carbon have 2, simply put 2 in front of CO2. This changes the O on the right to 5. Now that we have the C's equal, we can balance H. We do this by placing a 3 before the H2O. Now we have this:
    C2H5OH + O2-> 2CO2 + 3H2O
    C: 2 C: 2
    H:6 H: 6
    O: 3 O: 7
    Now to find the number to put before O2... It is 3...

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