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A school designer wants to create a whiteboard with the optimal dimensions to enhance learning. It is determined that if one side of the whiteboard is x+2y inches, the other side should be x^2+6xy-5y^2 inches. Write an algebriac expression for the area of such a whiteboard, simplify it and use correct units with the solution.

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    (x+2y)(x^2 + 6 xy -5 y^2)

    = x(x^2 + 6 xy -5 y^2)+2y(x^2 + 6 xy -5 y^2)

    = x^3+6x^2y-5xy^2+2x^2y+12xy^2-10y^3

    = x^3 + 8x^2y +7xy^2 -10y^3 square inches

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