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College Chemistry2

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A solutionof 2.50g of a compound having the empirical formula C7H6O2 in 25.0g of benzene is observed to freeze at 4.3 degree C.Calculate the molar mass of the solute and its Molecular formula

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    Look up normal freezing point benzene.
    Look up freezing point constant for benzene (Kf = ?).
    delta T = Kf*molality
    Solve for molality.

    molality = moles/kg solvent
    Solve for moles

    moles = grams/molar mass
    Solve for molar mass.

    Find the mass of the empirical formula.
    (molar mass/empirical mass) = ?? and round to the nearest whole number and call that number n. The molecular formula is (empirical formula)n.

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