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Charged particles #1 and #2 are 0.4 cm apart in air and exert a 100 Nt on force each other. If the 2 charges (at the same distance) exert a 25 Nt for on each other in substance "blox", then "blox" has a dielectric constant of:

0, 4, 2, 2500, more info needed

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    episilion=4, E reduced to 1/4. Think about it, what does a dielectric do?

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    it's an electrical I would set my equation up as

    1/4 = q/4 ? Is this correct? But then my answer equals 1, which isn't an answer choice. I'm sorry, but I'm just not getting this...

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    What equation?

    In a parallel field, E=q/episilion.

    If E goes down by 4, episiolon has to increase by 4. The answer is 4.

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