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Solve the equation w=Cr^-2 for r.

This is what I got so far....


Then I think it's...

ok so I don't really know. I want to put w/C=1/r^2 but the r is still not alone and I'm not sure where I'd take it from there. Please help.

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    W = Cr^-2
    W = C * 1/r^2
    Multiply both sides by r^2
    r^2 W = C
    r^2 = C/W

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    I think your right. I got the same thing but for some reason I thought that the r is still not alone. Are you sure i don't go one step further and say that


    what do you think?

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    Sorry, I forgot the last step.

    r = +- (sqrt(C/W))

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    Thanks. one more question. Why did you do the +- thing?

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