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True or false: The relationship between law and ethics dictates that anything lawful is ethical and anything ethical is legal. What is the rationale behind your answer? How do different approaches to ethics affect interpersonal relationships?

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    What is YOUR answer?

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    i think that it is false because everyone has a different view of ethics and everyone has a different view of laws and every one may not feel that what is ethical is lawful..... is that right?

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    I agree with you. We all have different ethical views -- abortion is a good example.

    Laws are more exact and aren't open to a lot of interpretation. Of course, courts do differ on the interpretation of laws, but most laws are clear-cut.

    Another example is that cohabiting unrelated adults is illegal in many states, but this law is overlooked. This may be ethical for many people.

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    ok thank you and sorry about posting those three all at once my mouse got stuck :/ sorry

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    You're very welcome.

    It's easy to post multiple times. I know! <g>

  • HCS/335 -

    Find a current administrative issue in a newspaper, magazine, or journal article relating to topics such as patient privacy, confidentiality, or HIPAA.

    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that includes the following:

    • Describe the issue and its impact on the population it affects most.

    • What arguments or facts are used in the article to support the proposed solution?

    • What are the ethical and legal issues reported for your administrative issue?

    • Explain the managerial responsibilities related to administrative ethical issues. If none were stated, what should have been done?

    • Identify any proposed solutions.

    • Be prepared to discuss your findings in class.

    Include at least three sources in your paper.

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